“The seeker summoned the fried chicken set meal and survived the first day.”
“The seeker summoned the fried chicken set meal and survived the second day.”
“On the third day, the’father’ appeared, and he looked at the seeker Without saying a word, he took the seeker to the living room to drink porridge. After drinking, he said, “That’s good, like Lao Tzu back then.”
“Li Ming’s hat, the transformation was successful.”
Successfully transformed six hats.
Ren Suo now also faintly explored the routine of this game: it is not so much for the seeker to choose the right option in the life of the hat trial, it is better for the seeker to do everything 西安桑拿夜网 possible to stay in it for a longer time.
Life is unsatisfactory. Although the owners of these hats have expressed many regrets in their memories due to lack of courage and lack of tenderness, in fact, such regrets are the norm in life.
As long as you persist in living, as long as you encounter a little opportunity, such as an unfamiliar good-hearted person, a recruitment advertisement, and a compliment that looks like an apology, people can get expectations for the future from it, so as to relieve the knot and build up courage. , Continue to move forward on the road of life.
“Have you been treating Xiaoyu these days?” Dong Chengling asked suddenly.
“Huh?” Ren Suo put away the phone and finished the last few mouthfuls of food: “Yes, but she didn’t come today. It seems that the awakening is over.”
However, Ren Suo had found a chance 西安足浴spa two days ago to let Lin Xian. Yu slept in the treatment room for a while and successfully obtained her key, so he didn’t care, at best, he just lost the opportunity to touch the female high school student’s arm every morning.
“It’s great.” Dong Chengling picked up the dinner plate and stood up and said with emotion: “The stronger the awakening spell, the more side effects will be accompanied when awakening, but compared with the gain, the loss is nothin