Tieyu Xiangjianghao’s mind suddenly appeared in the movie, the beautiful and beautiful woman with snow-skinned skin.
Chapter 214: Visiting the U.S.
Jiang Hao looked at Wei Yangsheng and asked, “Brother Weiyang wants to join the family and be the son-in-law of the Tie family.”
Wei Yangsheng immediately shook his head, “My family has a single pass for seven generations. My future ideal is to find a few Ten beauties
gave birth to a lot of children and enriched my Weiyang family’s 西安品茶网 bloodline. How could it be possible to join the family.” “Then you go to the Tie family?” Jiang Hao asked.
“Hehehe, I just want to see if the iron lady is as beautiful as the rumors say, anyway, I don’t suffer.” Wei Youngsheng said with a coquettish expression.
Jiang Hao knew the character of this guy and ignored him. He looked at Zhang Jiansheng next to him, “Brother Zhang is going here, but he has the idea of ??becoming a superfluous person.”
Zhang Jiansheng shook his head and smiled, pointing to Weiyang Sheng and said, “My three generations are pure, there are There is a family business, how can I become a parent, I was forced by him.”
“My family has some contacts with Taoist Tiefei. Only then did he realize that he wanted to recruit a son-in-law for his daughter. He told Brother Weiyang, and he immediately pulled me, insisting to see 西安夜网论坛 the little lady of the Tie family. I didn’t want to go. , But he said that I can come to the door, and I can’t help it.” Zhang Jiansheng said helplessly.
It seemed that he was helpless, but Jiang Hao felt that this guy might not have the idea of ??seeing beautiful women in his heart.
that sloppy mind is the same.
At this time, Wei Yangsheng pulled Jiang Hao forcefully again, “Brother Runyu, don’t grieve, hurry up, let me take a look.”
Then he forcibly pulled Jiang Hao up.
Jiang Hao got up and said, “Wait for a moment, I’ll change my clothes.” The
two waited in the courtyard. Jiang Hao went in and changed into a white scholar robe, t