“We want a deal.”
The voice of the black mud asexual man still overlapped coldly.
But unlike the scene in the “Dark Dimension,” it is obviously not the first encounter between the black mud man and the great race of Witztons. After answering the alienated shark man, it made an interesting addition.
The black mud mouth opened again, and the thick and cold sludge was flowing, and there seemed to be a hint of ridicule in the overlapping voices.
“You scurrying rats are actually staring at the disciples of the’Ancient Observer’. Do you want to replace her and sneak into the Origin Star secretly?”
“Let’s guess, you will not be the engineer responsible for parasitism. Your talent is not enough to support you to deceive the observer. Then who will parasitize is the one who likes to get into the soul of intelligent life, peeping at secrets and recording The lurker coming down?”
“Shut up, your bad breath is getting worse.” The
black mud asexual man’s revelation was interrupted by the engineer attached to the shark human body.
It seems to be indifferent, and even rarer, with more obvious fluctuations. Although the voice is still cold and overlapping, there is a trace of regret and provocation in the sentence: “It is a pity that you are a boring engineer this time. In fact, we like you more. Another member is the’Messenger’.”
“Compared to those of you who are boring creatures who focus on plunder, the Messenger is more trustworthy, and she is also very cute.”
Facing the dark dimension, those divine creatures and weak gods are also superior. The black mud asexual man who looks down at the attitude rarely shows an equal attitude towards the “engineer”.
The conversation between the two contained extremely rich information.
At least the origin servants and the great race of Witztons, or the existence behind the Witztons, knew each other, and had had more than one encounter with each other.
After being ridiculed