the weird laughter, the message ended.
Tang Qi quickly realized that he, who was in a sad mood, didn’t know when to wake up, and a smile appeared on his face.
He looked in front of him, the divine breath was so full, almost overflowing.
In addition to the dollhouse, cane and ball of thread given by Tum, there are also thanks to Charlene who fulfilled his mother’s wishes. There are four “sacred objects” with various divine authority.
A war that had been reversed many times and shocked all souls ended. Excluding the fallen family, the extremely unlucky Espatrani seemed to have gained a lot from all parties.
Tang Qiyuan was in the library, but the harvest was amazing.
However, at this moment, he was not in the mood or interest to count this pile of gods, including the “fate thread group.”
There were no errors or omissions in Tum’s peeping, and Tang Qi really needed a destiny creation.
He made a request to the “Infinite Secret Box” and needed a fetish that could be used to save Sally from the fate.
The exchange demand given by the secret box is an unknown destiny creation.
Tang Qi also wondered what the exchange would be.
Now, the answer is revealed.
He quickly took out the secret box for verification, but did not immediately start the exchange.
Putting away all the divine objects in his hand, Tang Qi once again cast his gaze on the universes that are still continuing to doomsday disasters.
A group of light flashed suddenly, and the mechanical girl “Alice No. 5” appeared beside Tang Qi.
In her hands, she was holding a stack of peculiar papers.
These papers are off-white and have a very special texture.
“Master, are you going to leave your first book in the library now? You have the relevant authority, but the library has the full right to decide whether the book you wrote will be included, and it is recommended that you stay again For some time, read more books.”
“Let’s start!”
[] Tang Qi interrupted Alice roughly, and the gray pap