VIc’s mid laner felt cold sweat on his forehead, but he didn’t have time to wipe it, so he quickly put a shield on himself and fled behind his teammates.
At this time, his teammates had already rushed forward, and the ones rushing to the front were the flame-burning dragon girl and the meat-like pig girl Tan Leona.
The two heroes, Dragon Girl and Girl Tan, are super big meats and can provide him with a very good output space in the front. The little ghost controls the clockwork demon to hide behind everyone, throwing skills far away, trying to get enough of the opponent. Blood.
On the LM side, he failed to kill the clockwork demon in a second, but it made Daluo’s Jax into a predicament.
Jax, the hero, is indeed weak in the early stage. The output is completely dependent on his hands, and he jumps into the crowd to escape basically by walking. If the aggressive rushing in fails to achieve results, then he will have to hold his head next!
Sure enough, after Daluo went up and took a lot of damage, he hurriedly fled back.
Jumping in, flashing out, this Nima’s most of the blood was gone, and the result was that the clockwork demon had not been killed yet, which made Daluo annoyed.
Vic played very fiercely, and the two heroes, the female tank and the dragon girl, were at the forefront, absorbing a lot of damage from the Lm team. However, the skills did not seem to lose much blood on them. This made the Lm team have to deal with it. Fight back.
“The defensive tower was broken, the defensive tower was broken, go back!” Lin Dong suddenly cried.
Yu Luosheng took a look and found that the defensive tower did not know when it was forcibly pulled out by the opponent.
This time is very troublesome. Once the defensive tower is broken, how did Lm win the opponent with 4 on 5?
Must retreat immediately! !
A thunder wave suddenly flew out from the side, and landed on Zhou Yan’s Spider Queen without slanting.
Zhou Yan is not a blind monk, after all, h