some wandering stragglers, and the damage caused is not enough. In order to completely destroy the entire area, the fall of the town and a large number of refugees were mainly caused by the premature escape of the knights in the castle, which caused the monsters who entered the area to sway into the city with little resistance-but correspondingly Yes, there were a lot of civilians who fled the city, and the towns in the eastern part of Lemburg were not damaged too much.
As long as the crystal clusters are annihilated and the refugees 西安耍耍论坛 gathered, there is at least hope of reconstruction here.
After sighing, Amber said: “After blood and magical examinations, nearly a hundred infected carriers have been found. They are still humans, but they have a godly energy response. According to your order, these people have been sent to The isolation camp in Pompeii.”
“Let the person in charge over there maintain close monitoring and take care of them as much as possible to ensure that the infection will not spread,” Gawain confessed seriously, and finally exhaled slightly, “Just They can’t give up treatment before they become monsters.”
Amber glanced at Gawain: “To be honest, I was worried about what should I do if you order to kill all the infected.”
Gawain glanced at the half-elf. At a glance: “Do you think I am someone who can give this order?”
“It doesn’t feel like 西安夜桑拿论坛 it, but you also said that you want to maximize the value-from the perspective of cost and safety, killing all infected people should be the most’cost-effective’, right”
“If you really want to do this, it is the calculation. But come,” Gawain shook his head, “Even if we don’t consider human lives and people’s sentiments, those infected 西安耍耍网 who have been infected by the gods but have not mutated are precious samples. They can let the technicians understand the means of the death of all things. We understand that this disaster and the hope of ending this disaster may lie in those infected. Pittman and Carmel have already rushed to