Today, the Joker is no longer very strong in the jungle echelon, and this hero has certain drawbacks. Joker may not use the Joker to play professional league matches now, but he is in the World League because of the Joker. Fame in China, known as the most troublesome jungler for opponents!
Yu Luosheng has watched the LCS match video. The captain of the Joker team, Joker, is the strongest and is a jungler who plays cards very unreasonably.
In this regard, he is somewhat similar to Zhao Tinghua, that is, he can always disrupt other people’s play patterns through some strange tricks.
“They laughed at us for being behind, didn’t they?” Yu Luosheng glanced at the clown team.
“Well, I really don’t like this look. When we were playing in the Worlds, some people asked us if we were still in the last season. If the top teams like Free and Vic say that we play very old, then forget it. These What kind of clown, the European team looks like us with a sense of superiority, I am not happy, as if their style of play is very trendy!” Zhang Aijing said.

Dididi, dididi ~~~~~~~~” Suddenly, a cell phone ringing appeared in the restaurant, including Zhang Aijing and Dai Lan’s.
Yu Luosheng looked around and found that all the team leaders and translators had taken out their mobile phones one after another. It seemed that they had received some information.
“It’s the schedule coming out!” Zhang Aijing said.
As soon as the schedule came out, it was obvious that the atmosphere of the entire restaurant became a lot more solemn.
The players who were still casually eating breakfast and chatting suddenly became serious and gathered around their team leader, wondering who their first match and their first opponent was.
In the game, strength is the key, but luck is also very important.
For example, your team originally had the strength of the quarter-finals, but in the group stage you encountered two teams that also had the strength of the quarter-finals. As a result, you