It seems that there is no loophole.
But unlike Cesarro, he still didn’t let go of vigilance in his heart.
He casually placed the “Key of Dream” on his sickle fetish, and immediately said to the ancient Marquez:
“Thank you for coming, and thank you for’everything can be sold’.”
“All this is over for the time being, I It will take some time to take charge of the [Sky and Thunder God System]. As for the war and the contract, I will participate in the most suitable time.”
Marquez naturally heard the meaning of Espatrani’s sentencing, that human The feminine white arms returned under the purple robes.
“Goodbye, then, honorable guest.”
“Well, good luck again.” The
calm voice had not yet fallen, and the purple figure had disappeared, as if it had never existed.
And at this moment, within the boundless mystery, everything related to the “Sky Thunder God System”, whether it is a god, a servant god or the countless believers, all faintly feel that a great change is taking place.
It didn’t take long for the creatures who were originally loyal to Cesaruo.
From the depths of their hearts, there was the irresistible, majestic voice of Espatrani.
Above the boundless mystery, unknown time and space.
Tang Qi was walking on a narrow and wide “dark path”. His feet seemed to be completely void, but there was a texture that touched the truth.
There is nothing ahead of the path, only a beam of light.
Warm and soft, but very far away.
Tang Qi can’t judge how long he’s been walking. On this path, the concept of time seems to have failed, and he doesn’t seem to have feelings of hunger or thirst. But besides taking steps again and again, Tang Qi has more. select.
In fact, every time he takes a step, he faces a lot of choices.
This dark path is extremely boring and bleak, but on both sides of the path, it is extremely wonderful.
On both sides, there are not only various brilliances shining, but there are also layers of “gates” that have no end at all.
There is no overla