The exchanges on the train let Tang Qi also know some of Selma’s movements.
For example, after she was promoted to professional level, she has been looking for a long-term settlement city.
She came to Mihuang City, in addition to interviewing Tang Qi, it was also because she finally chose here.
As for the reason?
According to Selma’s words: The scenery here is excellent, and it has a long history. It is a super city with brilliant glory in the dark ages. She foresaw that there will be many interesting events here. Although she has not officially settled yet, she has already I like it here.
“If you have time or something, you can come to the school to find me.”
While talking, Tang Qi handed out an exquisite magic business card.
Arranged by Professor Eva, he is a principal after all, no longer a lone wizard.
Tang Qi, who was in the period of accumulation of mystical knowledge, was very comfortable with this identity.
A powerful official organization like the FBI needs to be well established, and so does the extraordinary like Selma.
After all, no one knows what will happen in the future?
“Okay, Mr. Principal, I will definitely visit you at school again. I have been well known for the secret land of the Melada Witch’s lake island for a long time. If I have the opportunity to visit, Selma You won’t miss it.”
“Then, see you next time.”
“Goodbye!” When the
two said goodbye, Selma raised her skirt and gave a slight salute, and immediately called for a taxi.
It’s just that after she went up, the driver didn’t mean to drive right away, but cast a puzzled look at Tang Qi. The meaning of the eyes could not be clearer. Selma was obviously experienced in this, and a small red flower bloomed silently on her wrist. .
“Where are you going, dear madam.” The
driver’s tone suddenly became serious and reserved.
Selma reported an address and the taxi left immediately.
Watching this scene the whole time, Tang Qi’s mouth was curved, while Colin, Tate, and Drew all l