The world today is too dangerous.
In the past two days, Ren Xiaosu and Wang Fugui were repeatedly questioned by the store when they were purchasing fleeing supplies. Sometimes Wang Fugui felt that if it weren’t for natural disasters like earthquakes, the barriers would be impossible.
But in the end it proved that Ren Xiaosu was correct.
At this time, Yan Liuyuan stared at the direction Ren Xiaosu was leaving. Sister Xiaoyu sighed: “Liuyuan, are you worried about your brother?”
Everyone knows that these two brothers are the closest to each other, and Yan Liuyuan is worried. Ren Xiaosu also made sense, but Yan
Liuyuan suddenly shook his head: “I just wanted to go over and remind him that he is still carrying a bicycle.” Xiaoyu sister: “???” At
this moment, everyone was shocked to find out. , Indeed, when Ren Xiaosu turned around just now, he seemed to be carrying a bicycle!
It’s just that the situation 西安耍耍网 was too urgent just now, and Ren Xiaosu’s decision shocked them so much that they all ignored it!
Wang Fugui suddenly felt that the powerful image of Ren Xiaosu that had just been established in everyone’s hearts suddenly disappeared,
only to see Yan Liuyuan step on the bicycle and said: “Let’s go, my brother dare to go back naturally with his certainty, we will go north. ”
Chen Wudi looked sadly inside the barrier: “Master is afraid to follow the King of the Kingdom of Daughters in this life. How can I go to the West to learn the scriptures?”
Yan Liuyuan comforted: “It’s okay, we will take our daughter. Go with the King of the Kingdom.”
Chen Wudi reluctantly said, ”
Okay .” The building where Yang Xiaojin is located may be only about one kilometer away from the barrier gate. Ren Xiaosu glanced at the building, then sighed and 西安耍耍论坛 put the bicycle on the side of the road. , I was careless, I forgot to give the bicycle to Yan Liuyuan and the others for safekeeping.
The 15 cubic meters in the storage space are already full of supplies. In fact, he can take out so