side to play sugar painting The old man curled his lips and said, “How do you pay attention to him? I don’t know what he looks like. The phone in his hand is still vast. How do you pay attention to him? Do you know which phone he will use next time for the task?”
“Wait,” the Huya girl froze. After a while: “Before, there was a D-class killer who used to snatch other people’s mobile phones at Barrier No. 61. The boss also went to the market town of Barrier No. 61. It might not be him.”
Vanilla felt her teeth hurt: 西安夜桑拿网 “You said this guy is still idle and okay to be a D-class killer? Why don’t I believe it”
In fact, Anjing Temple had also suspected Zhou Yingxue. After all, as soon as Zhou Yingxue killed Zhou Xilong on the 73rd barrier, all the D-class killers over there were also wiped out.
Now it seems that Zhou Yingxue’s suspicion can be temporarily slowed down, temporarily locking the other party as a male. After all, Vanilla has seen Zhou Yingxue, and Zhou Yingxue’s figure can not be disguised as a man even with a mask.
In this melee, the man with the white mask became the focus of the Tinder Company and Anjing Temple after the war. Everyone wanted to find him, but there was no good clue.
The light of this white mask even concealed Ren Xiaosu’s role in the battlefield. Ren Xiaosu was so ignored.
Vanilla asked, “Can you trace those anonymous 西安夜网论坛 accounts? As long as he goes to withdraw money, we can find him. the whereabouts. ” ”
has been detected in, but what worries me most is that he went to the casino Qing he washed out the money, this way, the final clue will be broken. ”
543, hope that the media
Donghu fall events One week has passed, and Ren Xiaosu is nesting in the hotel every day, as if the fall of the East Lake has nothing to do with him.
Zhou Yingxue is very busy. As Li Ran’s bodyguard, she has been accompanying Li Ran to attend various events. She didn’t know what the media in those barriers had gone crazy. She