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sun is high, horses galloping!
After approaching Tianshui City, there was almost no attack.
Just as Su Yu was about to detour Tianshui City, a group of sergeants appeared in front of him.
People like Zhou Hao were extremely 西安夜生活论坛 vigilant, worried that the Ten Thousand Clan Sect pretended to be, but Su Yu saw an acquaintance.
Li Yunfeng!
In the old days, the strong man who escorted Su Yu to the school, the deputy commander of the Tianshui City Guard Army, vacated the Seventh Realm.
Su Yu saw the other party, and the other party also saw Su Yu.
A distance away, Li Yunfeng felt it.
Especially the monster beast that was riding had a strong aura, causing the Yunyun horse under his seat to tremble slightly.
Top 100 races!
Not only that, it was the stubbornness of the airborne realm, and it was still the airborne peak realm.
He recognized Su Yu!
Just a few months ago, he followed Zhao Li and these people to escort Su Yu to the Great Xia Mansion. Of course, the protagonist of the day was not Su Yu. Li Yunfeng escorted Hu Zongqi.
He is the genius of Tianshui City!
In his eyes, Su Yu was just an inconspicuous Nanyuan City genius.
This is only a few months?
In a few months, goodbye Su Yu, it was actually on this occasion.
As he rides the horse closer, in white clothes like snow, looking at Su Yu on Su Yu’s back, 西安耍耍论坛 Li Yunfeng feels the evil aura and the murderous aura.
“Su Yu?”
“Leader Li!”
Su Yu folded his hands and said with a smile: “Leader Li is dealing with the monster chaos?”
Li Yunfeng nodded, looked at him, and then looked at the students. His heart was slightly shaken. He is the genius of Daxia Civilization Academy.
Including some strange monster races. Are those ten thousand race students?
“Su Yu, what are you?”
“Back to Nanyuan!”
Su Yu smiled: “Nanyuan is also in chaos, Nanyuan City asks for help, I will take the task and go to Nanyuan City for help!”
“Need our help?
” You’re polite!”
Su Yu f