“Do you have anything to say?” Chen Ge didn’t know what happened to the kid in the haunted house.
Yang Chen opened his mouth and didn’t know what to say. Finally, he clenched his hands and looked at Chen Ge: “It’s okay to fail once, and it’s okay to fail repeatedly. I will come back!”
“I appreciate your energy. In the future, all your tickets will be discounted by 20%, but you have to do what you can and don’t delay your studies.” Chen Ge also considered that Yang 西安耍耍网 Chen is only a student and his usual living expenses are estimated to be limited, so he said more.
Hearing Chen Ge’s words, Yang Chen’s clenched hand slowly loosened. He looked at Chen Ge with a contradiction. It was obvious that several of them had been played for a long time, but after they came out, they couldn’t hate this person.
Passing by the three medical students, Chen Ge looked at Xiaoli again: “You have challenged all one-star scenes and two-star scenes by yourself all morning, and then followed them to challenge the newly opened three-star scene. In fact, I noticed you the first time you came to visit. You are different from other tourists. Others come to visit and experience, or are happy or nervous. Only you have something in your heart and are forced to come in.”
Xiao Li In the challenge of the one-star scene, 西安足浴spa he was discovered by a mobile phone ghost while using a mobile phone to record. Chen Ge had known that there was such a person a long time ago, but the previous scenes were all guides on the Internet, and he didn’t care at all.
Avoiding Chen Ge’s gaze, Xiao Li didn’t dare to look up.
“Your coming to my haunted house should be related to the virtual future paradise, right?” Chen Ge’s smile on his face remained unchanged. He sat next to Xiao Li’s bed: “Don’t worry, I won’t say anything about you, no matter what purpose you have. As long as you enter my haunted house, it will be my visitor, and I will provide you