ly at the center of power, tired of those struggles.

At this time, Ren Xiaosu was thinking about it. As 5092 said before, the third division was an artillery unit. Now even the artillery has been dropped, and the ammunition has been exhausted due to material problems, so the third division can only become an engineering unit in the rear.
This also means that the fact that 5092 was taken away will not affect the war on the front lines.
On the contrary, if the division that still retains its strength changes command, it will cause a sharp decline in combat effectiveness. You must know that the running-in period of a general and the troop is as high as two years. A new general in the first two years simply does not want to play this one. 西安夜桑拿网 The fighting power of the troops comes.
It is not that the subordinates are disobedient, but that all the rhythms of the two sides need to be run in. It is not that simple to fight with the soldiers. War is not chess, and soldiers are not wooden chess pieces.
Therefore, in 5092’s view, sacrificing him in exchange for the other three generals is the most sensible choice and the most beneficial choice for Tinder’s victory.
5092 said that if the war requires his sacrifice, then he will sacrifice himself without hesitation.
Now is the time for 5092 to sacrifice himself.
“What punishment will you receive?” Ren Xiaosu asked calmly.
“Deprived of genetic modification, and imprisoned for fifteen years,” 5092 analyzed: “But I will perform well in prison, so I should be out in ten years.”
Ren Xiaosu took a deep breath and said, “It’s time for you. We have fulfilled our agreement!”
5092 was stunned: “What agreement do we have here?”
Ren Xiaosu said: “Daxing Northwest!”
5092: “???”
He said when the agreement was made, why didn’t he know? !
However, Ren Xiaosu didn’t say much to 5092 at all. He was interested 西安洗浴网 in himself. Now that he encountered such a situation, it was time for him to leave Tinder.
After that, Ren Xiaosu suddenly stepped over to 5092, a

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ing disturbed. “Yan Danian!” He stretched out a hand from his scarred back. Yan Danian tore off the skin on Chen Ge’s back, revealing a painting hidden in flesh and blood! Eight hideous and terrifying steps stepped out from behind Chen Ge, and a red dress like a spider lay behind Chen Ge. Look at the breath, this red dress is a little weaker than the top red dress, but what makes people unbelievable is that there is a blood door inlaid in this red dress’s body! In order to hide this hole card, Chen Ge asked Zhang Yi to erase the memory of him and most of the staff about the son of the tunnel ghost on the way into the hospital. Chen Ge has entered the blood gate too many times, and he also knows that Cursed Hospital has the ability to deprive memories, so he asked Zhang Yi to hide his memories before entering the hospital! There was a blank in his mind, and the other party wanted to deprive him of his memory. This was something that only Zhang Yi could do. After preparing all this, Chen Ge finally asked Yan Danian to draw a breath-masking pattern on his back at the cost of permanently consuming a page of comics. To activate this hole card, there is only one prerequisite, and that is to find Zhang Yi. He had forgotten the existence of the son of a ghost in the tunnel, and the hospital also ignored this when looking through the memory. They did not expect Chen Ge to carry a blood door with him! Everything that happened was in Chen Ge’s expectation. Now the hospital was closed in a cursed prison. With complete isolation from the outside world, Chen Ge pushed open the door in the body of the giant spider. A wave of blood poured into the hospital, and a figure flashed by among the bloodshots of dancing wildly. With a bloody hand broken, Bai Qiulin walked out of the door holding a pair of incomplete oil paintings: “Boss, I found the person you want!” The boundless blood began to spread, and the son of the tunnel ghost showed an extremely painful expression. Cracks continued to appear on the blood door, and