Qian Weining listened. He always felt a little strange when he said this. He wondered: “Wait, you didn’t know that we are from the Knights?”
“Of course I don’t know,” the man gritted his teeth and said, “You are from the Burning Knights, otherwise. It is impossible to appear on a large scale in the Six Counties of the South, but I don’t understand it. Mega is just a fringe wizard and needs so many of you to protect?!”
“Hiccup?” 西安耍耍论坛 Qian Weining was stunned. “Are you here to kill Meg?”
The captive man was also stunned: “Who do you think we are going to kill?”
“Hehe,” Qian Weining said to the person behind him. The guard waved his hand: “Drag it down and kill it.”
It doesn’t need to be judged, Qian Weining is sure that the other party has already told the truth.
The captive man roared: “You promised me with the honor of the Knights!”
“I promise you will get the same treatment as your companions,” Qian Weining sneered, “He is dead, you can go with him now. ”
Long before the fight tonight, Ren Xiaosu probably knew what kind of person Qian Weining was. A player who was able to buy people’s hearts with tears could almost be said to be full of hearts.
There are still two chapters
1145, Riding the Wind and Waves!
Ren Xiaosu has always disliked people like Qian Weining in his heart since he was a child.
At the beginning, he wanted to take Qian Weining to the Northwest. It was because of Qian Weining’s ability to lead troops. After all, the other party managed more than 100 people in an orderly manner, and 西安品茶网 it looked like an individual talent.
As a result, he slowly discovered that Qian Weining had more than a hundred people in charge. He was a high-ranking knight officer in the Burning Knights!
At this time, Ren Xiaosu can’t take him to the northwest. The northwest can require incompetent people, and incompetent people have ways to live.
However, the Northwest definitely does not want such a scheming player.