The foreigners are still 西安夜网论坛 watching!
He just scolded himself when he was cut off!
Despite the irritation, he said in a low voice: “I will chase right away, but the other party may be much better than me!”
“Shut up, hurry up!”
Duan Xuehou shouted angrily!
Ba Diu said no more, gritted his teeth, and quickly shuttled through the void and disappeared.
Chasing a fart!
When he came, the other party ran away, where to chase?
Forget it, just find a direction to follow it up. At this moment, Ba Ju is constantly thinking, who is it?
Who is helping Ding Junhou?
The strong of the human race?
Does the strength of the few living powerhouses of the Human Race have that strength?
The strongest Minshan Hou has been killed, and the remaining few, even if they are stronger than Dingjun Hou, are also limited in strength. Unless they work together, how can they have 西安夜桑拿网 such a powerful strength to instantly kill Demon Shiji? It can also create such a large explosive force.
“If it’s not Human Race, isn’t it?”
His thoughts surfaced one by one, with a fierce look in his eyes.
It’s not the human race, is it the strong race like the iron-eating ancient race?
It’s not right. This 西安洗浴网 obviously smells of a civilized master. There are many strong clans like the Iron-Eater Ancient Clan, but they are so concealed, and it is more likely that the civilized master did it.
The fairy clan is best at these.
With countless thoughts, he explored and searched around for a long while, a little weak, and couldn’t find it!
Even if there were some traces before, they are gone now.
As for the Mingyue Flower Valley, it was torn apart by the bombing, and probably nothing was found.
cursed in his heart, this time it was a lot of trouble.
After the death of the two gods, the Demon Council may find itself in trouble.
He quickly stopped chasing him, chasing far away. If Duanxuehou didn’t chase him, what would happen if he was killed by someone.
The strong man who shot this ti