“Not a thing!”
Su Yu said with a smile: “Well, Wen Wang also helped you, you guy, as expected, you have no conscience. Seal it too!”
Tongtian Hou chatted, forget it, flattering hit the horse’s leg!
Su Yu got up, laughed, and looked at the distant mountain!
At this moment, Renshan must not be quiet!
“In this era, it will only become more and more interesting, and more and more dangerous. I don’t know how long you stupid guys can live?”
Su Yu said inaudible.
The big show, it’s opening!
Chapter 794 The
big show has indeed opened. 西安品茶网
This night, on the top of the mountain, all the gods were a little bit sullen.
It’s not a big deal to give Su Yu some benefits, but Su Yu actually asked everyone to put on ancient dresses tomorrow according to the ancient etiquette system, and send him on the expedition.
This is unacceptable.
Some people violently opposed it, while others agreed.
Ming Tianzun didn’t care much about this, and he said, “These are all trivial things. If he is willing to go to war, but doing something to satisfy his vanity and let him fight, wouldn’t it be a good thing?” And he did
n’t lose anything.
But Dao Tianzun coldly said: “No! What is this? We have resisted the human race for countless years. At this moment, we are the ancient courtiers and send him to the court. Is this a surrender again? Then this one hundred thousand. Hasn’t the resistance 西安桑拿按摩网 over the years become a joke?”
“It is even more impossible to wear the ancient service system!”
A group of heavenly venerables kept arguing about this matter.
However, some people are noisy and some are silent.
The Thunderstorm and Destiny were silent all the time. Except when the thunderstorm 西安耍耍论坛 brought back words at the beginning, there was almost no sound.
In my heart, I was still thinking about Su Yu. .
Su Yu is indeed terrible.
There are a few clues, which are easily forgotten, and he will go back to the end very quickly, and he will find out that this person is more and more awe-inspir