Lantian I think these guys are disgusting!
Without Su Yu, is there still a human race in the lower realm?
That’s hard to say!
The so-called Da Zhou Wang waits for decades, can it wait for decades?
In the case of the upper realm, a hundred battles came out, and it was probably a dead end!
In the end, maybe the Prison King’s line became dominant, and the Prison King’s line hehe, that’s truly inhuman pure blood, and then it will be fun.
Lan Lan suddenly said with a smile: “Yu Huang, according to their thoughts, maybe we and the Prison King shouldn’t exist in the same line.”
Su Yu did not answer.
At 西安耍耍网 this moment, he didn’t want to say anything.
As for the old antiques around him, they can accept it if they can accept it. If they can’t accept it, they don’t act against them. Su Yu is too lazy to take care of them, but if anyone dares to act against them, kill them!
He hadn’t paid much attention to his half-dead thing before, but today he discovered it, and it still doesn’t work.
The human race now doesn’t necessarily care, but there must be many people who still care.
At this moment, the Great Zhou King was also extremely silent.
A group of people followed Su Yu and flew forward quickly.
Yun Shuihou and they all fell into contemplation.
Su Yu is not pure blood of human race!
This point, including the heroic generals who oppose the King of Hundred Wars, is digesting at this moment. Su Yu is not a pure human race, he is a 西安夜生活论坛 half-dead soul, can he still be the owner?
I don’t know how long the heroic general said: “Why are you half-dead?”
“If you are in a good mood, you become a half-dead.”
Yingwu was speechless, a little depressed, and said: “You can’t cut it yet. Do you want to break the passage of the
undead ?”
“No!” Su Yu calmly said: “Being a half-dead is more in line with my heart.”
Yingwu said a little awkwardly: “But, don’t you think this will make people oppose you? “No.

Su Yu looked away at this time and smiled: “Why,