This allowed the young and Dangerous Hongxing to see the determination, methods, and cruelty of the police.
Compared with Dongxing’s street boys, how happy to be able to go to the factory to work, damn it?
You say this is a bad thing?
I owe K!
Brother Pheasant drove the forklift obediently!
Do you still want something?
Of course, for the “four major societies”, each resettlement method can only be used once. To make different arrangements for the four major societies, all aspects and comprehensive considerations must be met.
For example, brutal suppression, just a 西安足浴spa Dongxing full “Correction Department”, and then it is impossible to do the same operation.
It is impossible for Sir Chuang to call the Correctional Service to drink, no matter how much alcohol he drinks, the Correctional Service will not have a bed available!
Fortunately, Sir Zhuang has already patted his chest and packed the ticket, saying that Shixing Group will donate money to the Correctional Department, build several prisons in Stanley, and hand the factory to the nephew of the Director of Correctional Services. That’s right! Relatives of the warden on both sides of Stanley and Lai Chi Kok also have shares!
Really, this world is very simple, this operation is very legal,
this is a simple world!
And Hong Xing died of two leaders within a week, and the two brothers Jiang Tianyang and Jiang Tiansheng were buried at the same time, which can be regarded as an anecdote on Hong Kong Island.
The self-righteous group disintegrated,
Luo Ge named the four major societies, the four major families, and the Jiang family’s prestige for more than 20 years.
“Sir Zhuang, now it is said that you shovel Jiang Jiaxun’s 西安夜生活论坛 house, and your reputation is getting worse and worse.” General Administration, Deputy Director of Operations, Office.
Meako held a cup of coffee and put it in front of the chief.
Zhuang Shikai took a sip of coffee and took a sip from the coffee, then angrily put down