When I die , I have to wake up. When Su Yu disappeared in front of my eyes, the Time Master was a little bit distressed.
I didn’t think about it either!
If the story is true, it looks really 西安夜桑拿论坛 pitiful, but I never thought that a copy can create a peerless powerhouse.
“The big deal is to make you something delicious, eat more, and you can forget everything” with
a murmur, the Time Master closed the Tianmen.
I might really be rescued!
Chapter 903 is not good stubble (seeking subscription) Wanfa
The law doesn’t move like a mountain, and Su Yu walks in, but he doesn’t speak.
How about pretending to be deep?
What is there to pretend!
“Uncle Master!”
“Did you see it?”
Fa waited for him to speak, and then faintly responded.
Su Yu nodded: “I saw it!”
“How’s the talk?”
“It’s okay!”
Su Yu smiled: “But I doubt”
“What do you suspect?”
“Suspect she guessed that we were lying to her!”
Su Yu calmly said “Don’t underestimate Wen Yu’s wisdom. She can choose to integrate into the world at the most dangerous moment and 西安耍耍论坛 counter the uncle. She can choose to create a fake time book and make a fool of us who underestimate the text after we have deceived for many years. Yu, who must be unlucky!”
Fa slightly frowned, after a long time, nodded: “Actually, I have this 西安桑拿夜网 kind of suspicion.”
Su Yu smiled: “That’s good, I’m still worried that the uncle thinks I’m talking nonsense, in fact, for many years. In the end, she didn’t give us any real benefits. In fact, she could guess one or two! It’s just that everyone still had some illusions.”
“But today, I met her and talked for a while. This is the problem!”
Su Yu frowned, “A monk, who has cultivated to this point. The first time I meet, he will talk to me happily. So many? No doubt at all? Is this still a time master? This is almost an idiot!”
Fa looked at him. .
“You mean, can’t let her voluntarily hand over the core?”
Su Yu nodded: “Almost dreaming!”