Zhou Potian didn’t know why Su Yu was so sure. But it’s hard to say, he doesn’t actually know the situation himself, he doesn’t even know who Min Shanhou is.
It’s just that the father sent a letter, a little eager, as if desperately hoping that Su Yu would return.
Su Yu was really not in a hurry, and asked: “Did you see the Chief of Mansion recently?”
“Okay, let me know if you saw
it. ” Having said that, forget it, Su Yu flew out of the ancient city. , Yelled loudly: “President Wan, I heard a trip back to the human 西安足浴spa realm, discussing the storm of the world!” The
voice shook the heavens!
Su Yu is still arrogant!
He wished that someone would come and attack him now, and the city of Hongmeng would arrive in an instant. At this moment, there is a lot of harmony there. If these grandsons dare to come out, Su Yu would be relieved!
Along with Su Yu’s words, some big worlds have some phantom projections.
Mo Danghou sneered, “What an arrogant fellow, this is the owner of this generation? The previous generation’s hundred battles are not so arrogant! Do you regard the battlefield of the heavens as your own territory?”
Meteor Hou also chuckled: “Arrogant Going arrogant, talent is still very strong, it is said that he inherited the writing
style of King Wen!” Mo Dang Hou slightly condensed his eyebrows, “That talent is indeed not weak, King Wen his way, can be inherited, are evildoers!”
He returned indifferently. Indifferent, did not deny Su Yu’s talent.
The way of King Wen is really not something that everyone can inherit.
That needs a peerless evildoer!
Mo Danghou said coldly: “It’s no wonder Tiangu let us down the realm, this guy 西安桑拿夜网 is indeed a threat! It’s better to take the opportunity to kill him, and no future troubles!”
Meteor Hou shook his head: “This person is so arrogant, maybe he has some hole cards, now killing him, all the worlds are paying attention, but it is not easy to kill, force killing, that is another deadly b