It is most appropriate to leave this kind of thing to her, and the most skilled and able to handle it well.
“At night, I’ll go to live with you.”
“Check and accept the results of your work, are you okay?”
Shalena was silent for a moment,
“No problem.”
西安夜桑拿网”I just bought a set of pajamas.”
Zhuang Shikai Nodded solemnly, then hung up the phone with the next sentence “See you at night”, and began to deal with the backlog of documents on the desktop.
I saw Master Zhuang flipping through the documents, smoking a cigar, and occasionally flicking the ash, waiting until the end that he leaned the cigar next to the ashtray, and picked up a pen to sign a string of names.
Unknowingly, the positive sunlight covered the tabletop, and after a few hours, the sunlight was about to become as dazzling as Zhuang Sheng.
Such a successful man!
Still working hard!
What qualifications do you have not to work hard!
That night.
Pajamas pop.
Three days later, one afternoon.
“Sir Zhuang, the people from ICAC received the notice three days ago. Although they said they would 西安桑拿夜网 cooperate with the investigation, according to my information, no relevant investigation team has been established within ICAC so far.”
“The people from ICAC don’t seem to want to cooperate with us. ”
“A senior investigation director at noon, the language is quite bad.”
Even if the senior superintendent of the commercial crime investigation department encountered an incident involving the relationship between the chief of police and the two major departments of ICAC, he could only call and talk. The reporter reports.
Zhuang Shikai raised his brows, his face showing doubts, and asked aloud: “Then let go of corruption first, what about the commercial crime situation?”
“Sir, please rest assured, there are a total of 33 people on the list. Sixteen of them were involved in unfair competition and insider trading, three were involved