A year ago, when you heard this, you would definitely think that the person was crazy.
But now, when you see O’Neill, Malone, Richard Jefferson, Carter, and Payton lined up, 西安夜桑拿网 what kind of feeling will it feel?
Rod Thorne’s words pulled Chen Xiao back from his thoughts.
Is it shocked, is it incredible?
And this is how the NBA’s expert media and reporters feel when they look at the Nets. It’s incredible!
How can such a team appear in the NBA?
The five starting players are all All-Stars in their prime, and all of them are all-star starters. This is amazing.
It can be said that in the history of the NBA, from a purely paper lineup, no team can match the Nets this season.
When such a team that was considered impossible before this year appears, anyone and any team will choose to avoid its edge.
Someone has launched a charge against such an invincible team!
And that person is now enjoying the boos and cheers of the audience!
Half boos and half cheers!
The man who split the basketball fans at 西安夜生活论坛 the Continental Airlines Arena was the No. 7 show last season, the Angel of the Nets last season, Chen Xiao.
As one of the biggest contributors to the Nets championship last season, Chen Xiao needs to receive his championship ring in the Nets before the game starts.
Amid the huge boos, Chen Xiao was facing him and waving thanks to the basketball fans who were applauding and cheering for him.
The general manager of the Nets next to him, Rod Thorne, delivered the box containing the championship ring to Chen Xiao with a smile.
Looking at the sparkling championship ring with Ge, Martin, Richard Jefferson, Boozer, and Pug on the box, Chen Xiao’s smiling face fell into it. In the memories of last season’s Jin Ge Iron Horse.
“Chen, thank you very much for your great contribution to New Jersey and the Nets last season. This is thanks to your great contribution last season.”
Originally, O’Neal wanted to