“Okay!” Gwen decided immediately.
She didn’t know why she agreed so quickly, was it because she wanted to relax after having been in the company for too long, or she wanted to spend a little longer with the man in front of her?
Yes, in Gwen’s mind, Jiang Hao is not a boy, but a man.
Another 西安夜桑拿论坛 parade came over. This time the parade was very unique. The car in front of it slowly moved forward like a snail. The car pulled a huge wine barrel with beer supply written on it. There were more than a dozen around the wine barrel. A faucet, there are countless draft beer glasses underneath, and passionate music on the car. From time to time, someone picks up a glass of wine and automatically throws coins into a box next 西安夜生活论坛 to it.
Behind the convoy, many people held their wine glasses, twisted their bodies and danced to the music, very cheerful.
Jiang Hao has the memory of this wine cart. This wine cart will come out every Christmas Eve, pulling a barrel of beer the size of a sprinkler, and walking slowly, allowing visitors to drink freely. There is a money box in the car, you can vote You don’t need to invest money. You can invest as much as you like, and no one will supervise you.
It was originally for a certain bar to advertise, but later the boss discovered that the original act of losing money, the final harvest was several times higher than the value of beer, and finally the boss kept it and became a repertoire of Christmas Eve in this district every year.
Advertising and making money, that bar kills two birds with one stone.
The music is burning and the sound is loud. Jiang Hao leaned into Gwen’s ear and said, “I’m going to pick up two glasses of wine.” Two large glasses of beer, carrying them back.
Gwen took a drink, the two clinked their glasses and took a sip. Jiang Hao gave a glance, “Go, let’s dance together.”
Gwen smiled and nodded, and the two followed the long crowd behind the convoy and danced forward together. The mood is ver