At this time, Ren Suo’s watch suddenly rang two rapid bells, flashing a dazzling red light on the surface. He looked down, and the watch popped up a voice message:
“Attention, attention, there is an escape situation in the Rift Valley Fortress Coldport Division. The soldiers in the district went to capture the escaped prisoners. The timing coordinates of the target have been sent to your 西安夜生活论坛communicator.
Above , be sure to capture the target, regardless of life or death.” “Sony Dafa, the prisoners Los, Lydia, Dardaniel and others escape from prison, the fortress will quickly capture or kill the major criminals, please Sony Dafa stay in the room for a while. ”
Lore Feston, who was fighting with Ren Xingmei, was taken aback. Ren Xingmei decisively seized this opportunity, pressed her under her body, and 西安洗浴网 greeted her fiercely on her beautiful face, which was white and delicate enough to squeeze milk, and beat her several times. Slap on the chin!
” let me catch you hostage, I look so good bully you!? “any Stellar play a few times and found Luolifeisi motionless, white face appeared red wine palm print, face the same fate as Lie calmly on the carpet and let her take care of it.
Ren Xingmei quickly took off her driving belt. At this time, Ren Suo saw that the two of them finally had a victory, and he walked over and asked: “Lorifis, you really made me enjoy a wonderful farce.”
“Whatever you want.” You.” Lorifis said lightly: “It doesn’t matter whether you kill directly or tortured.”
Ren Suo shook his head: “Why do you want to do this?”
“I don’西安耍耍网 t do this, what else can I do? Do?” Lorifis turned his head and looked at Ren Suo and said: “I am not the same as you. I cannot become a descendant of God. I am just an ordinary mortal from the Fakas Wolf Academy. Los is imprisoned in Morrag Prison. In one second, he may be tortured by Morag’s pervert for another second. I am a female student who has not graduated, what can I do?”
“The only way I can bet is to bet on Sony and bet that you recogni