When Federer heard this, he was immediately shocked. He looked at Jiang Hao and said enthusiastically, “Are you going 西安耍耍网 to rent a house.”
“Yes, I am going to live here for a while. The location is good, but I want to see the house.” Jiang Hao said. .
Federer immediately said, “I think you will be satisfied, please come in soon.”
Jiang Hao walked into the room, and the little boy followed in. He hadn’t received his five lire tip yet.
It looks like a small white three-story building from the outside, and the decoration inside is really good. It can be seen that it must have been a lot of investment before, and the living room is very spacious, so you can directly hold a small party.
On the upper floor, the master bedroom has a comfortable, soft, strong wooden bed, as well as various furniture. When you go to the window and pull the curtains, you can see the sea outside. The sun shines in and makes the room warm and peaceful.
There are calligraphy, second 西安夜桑拿网 bedroom, guest room, etc. next to it.
Mr. Federer kept introducing the situation here, allowing Jiang Hao to learn a lot about the situation. This was originally a house passed down by his father. Later, a merchant in the city took a fancy to it and bought it. The merchant remodeled the place, so This place is so luxurious.
This is just a merchant’s villa, that is, they will stay for a while when they come to vacation. The merchant hired the Federer family to take care of the house and their daily meals during vacation, so they became gardeners and cooks.
In the past, the Federer family had a very comfortable life, but after the outbreak of the war, the merchant family had no news. They didn’t know if they went bankrupt or died directly, or they were arrested because they were Jews in a concentration camp. These Federers didn’t know, 西安夜生活论坛 he only knew. , The merchants stopped coming, and they also cut off their income.
“How are you going to rent?” Jiang Hao asked, very satisfied with this place.
“One thousand lire a mon