The key point of this lineup is not Kenan, but Diana, the goddess of the moon.
The release of the skills of the goddess of the moon, Diana, the timing and personal operation of the raid are very demanding, and such key points are handed over to Xie Yi to fight, which can completely make their entire team become terrifying after level 6.
On the LM side, after several key heroes were stuck, the choice of heroes was not as closely connected as before.
Xiaobei chose EZ and couldn’t let the enemy take this hero. In the face of so many rushes, only EZ could barely beat the output.
More importantly, the combination of Lunar Moon and Kenan’s burst of damage is already terrifying. If EZ makes a big move, their team will be destroyed.
LM’s lineup is also a team.
Daluo on the road chooses the mantis, and Lin Dong in the middle road chooses the dead brother, the jungler is the prince, and assists the piano girl.
The key point of this lineup is the top mantis.
The piano girl or the prince will start the group first, let the dead songs rush into the crowd to sell, chant the big move to produce enough output, and finally let the praying mantis do the harvest.
At the same time, it makes sense for the ADC to choose Ezreal. With such a lineup, no one can be expected to protect the ADC. The ADC must find its own location for output, and the requirements for the conscious operation of the ADC are also very high.
Entering the game screen, the lineups on both sides have shown the attitude of the two teams to a certain extent.
Either you die, or I die!
At the first level, there was a very high frequency of friction on both sides, and the skills were flying in the wild.
The players on both sides have very precise control of blood volume and damage, and they use flash to escape in time.
“A piece of blood, but no dead people!”
“They all want to kill, and they all maintain the rigor that the last game should have.”
“The long sky team has such a quality is for