He put down the phone in his hand, and looked directly at the three men who were approaching with sticks who were smiling and haha.
The three men dressed up in metal chains, they knew they were gangsters, but judging from their sticks, it was obviously not the kind that would only scare people.
“That thing, when I saw it once, I dared to be arrogant in front of us and molested his sister. Someday, if he was unhappy, he went directly to her. What can I do with us!” The long-haired man walking in the middle The man said.
“Hahaha, we can’t be without us?” said with the stick on his shoulder on the left hand side.
The other laughed with ****.
“Hey, the silly guy in front, don’t block our way, haven’t you seen the guy in our hand!” said the long-haired bastard walking sideways.
Zhou Yan stood there, slightly to the side, making a way to clear the way.
The long-haired bastard looked like you were acquainted, and walked in front of Zhou Yan swaggeringly.
Suddenly, a big hand grabbed it!
This hand directly lifted the long-haired bastard, and then smashed it at the guy carrying the stick next to it!
The two people were unprepared and hit the wall directly, their heads were red!
When the other reacted, Zhou Yan suddenly kicked the man’s stomach, and the man shrank into a ball. He couldn’t even scream, doing a posture of retching and vomiting!
With a punch, he slammed the bowed guy’s face directly. This guy’s nose was crooked, his nosebleeds spurted out, and the whole person fell in the mud, and he could never get up again.
“Grass mud horse!!” The long-haired bastard reacted, lifting the stick and knocking on Zhou Yan’s head!
Zhou Yan didn’t hide, because the stick hit his head and it didn’t seem to hurt at all!
Is the punch, the punch in the side faces of the long-haired punks, feeling jawbone have been discounted, voice clear crisp sound.
The other one was frightened by Zhou Yan’s momentum!
Two fucking shots, one kick and one