Nursing room!
The retro yellow portal is engraved with the unique symbols of the Melada witches, and is covered with brass, full of tranquility.
A password was uttered, and the door opened.
In front of Tang Qi’s eyes, an extremely magical and incredible world immediately appeared.
It was supposed to be an ordinary recuperation room, but it was a vast space that was difficult to see at a glance.
Here, a very stable space magic was cast.
The rooms are a little messy, but they are actually arranged according to a certain pattern.
In each room, there are different brilliance, and various methods are used to create different environments. Ice and snow, spring forest, starry night, white and sterile space, anyone who comes here for the first time will be exposed. Horrified, unbelievable color.
This is actually one of the most special places in the entire Melada Special Education School.
The Witch School will accept “monster children” from the Federation and even outside the Federation. Most of these children have troubles. They cannot directly obtain the status of “students”. They usually need to be sealed, adapted, and decontaminated before they can be normal. Join the school.
If it is too serious and cannot be resolved by conventional means, it can only be arranged to enter the “quarantine area.”
Of course, only children who have reached the fifth-level hazard source have that kind of necessity.
Most monster children, although there will be trouble, it is difficult to reach level five.
It should be known that from Esmeralda in charge of the school to Tang Qi in charge, only ten fifth-level sources of danger have been accumulated.
Of course, they have all been resolved by Tang Qi.
However, this does not mean that the current “sanatorium” has no hidden dangers. Although there were many cooperative organizations in the witch schools in the past, they also established monster children’s shelte