Zhang Aijing looked at Yu Luosheng, it was obvious that he was not joking.
Zhang Aijing also doesn’t understand Yu Luosheng’s treatment of the enemy very well, but what I hope does not mean is that if he and Lin Dong meet these two people, don’t they have to fight?
Nowadays, China’s strongest bot lane combination is Yu Luosheng and Lin Dong. If Lm team encounters a stronger bot lane in a world event, will they just go home? ?
Zhang Aijing didn’t speak any more, because she already knew how to give a more accurate score to the two bots of Team X, Karen and Cardi.
The first game is over, and the second game comes next.
The Chinese long-air team VS the European Bell team.
“We’re on.” Xie Yi stood up from his position, took a deep breath, and adjusted his emotions.
Guan Langjie, Chang Kongli, and Chang Kongjie also stood up with them. It can be seen that although they are not participating in this World S event for the first time, they are still very much in the face of master-level and originator-level hero developers. This is completely different from the lofty and proud they had when they were in the LPL. It can be seen that the pressure on them from this S World event is huge!
“Come on.” Yu Luosheng glanced at the members of the long sky team and said lightly.
Guan Langjie, Xie Yi and others were all stunned. They didn’t expect that the Lm team captain Yu Luosheng, who had an extremely rigid relationship, would take the initiative to encourage them.
It’s just a simple “come on”, which seems to have explained a lot.
The nervousness in Xie Yi’s heart was diminished a lot with Yu Luocheng’s cheer, and a smile appeared on his face: “You too, I hope we can still meet in the quarter-finals!”
Yu Luosheng said. Nodded.
The quarter-finals The
Chinese team has not entered the quarter-finals after participating in the S World event several times, so what about this year?
It is also a big luxury to meet again in the quarterfinals.
“Zhao Tinghua, d