In the city of Carta, which is almost all believers, there was a torrent of weeping sounds. An extremely old priest knelt on the ground and watched the terrifying bird holding the “evil crock pot” slowly peeking through the blood above the city. Out of his head, he stared at the millions of people in Katai City with extremely greedy eyes.
The “Army of Light” that should have appeared disappeared without a trace at this moment. Only sporadic knights of light came out to resist. The priest burst into tears on his face and opened his hands and shouted mournfully: “Master of light, why abandon your people”
is here The cries were raging, and when a massacre was about to happen, suddenly the whole city of Carta was lit up.
Hundreds of extremely bright and blazing lights appeared over the city.
In front of the huge head of the “Terror Bird”, the figure of Anne Fox appeared. Under the flames of the furnace, she was like a flame war god. The “Forge Shotgun” in her hand was directly on the head of the Terror Bird. Do not hesitate to shoot.
The dark monster who first drilled the bleeding road and wanted to feast on, burst into death with its crock.
“The door of the furnace!”
Anne Fox, who killed the horror bird, turned into a beam of light and appeared at the exit of the blood road. At the same time, the furnace wizards who appeared in the city of Cartai followed closely. It happened not long ago. The scene reappeared.
At that time, the furnace wizards joined forces to kill a group of “garbage guys” who were disgusting and filthy. After offering sacrifices to the furnace master, the master was angry.
But this time, the aura of hundreds of furnace wizards merged together and turned into a huge portal, directly blocked at the end of the bloody road. The monsters rushing out of the “dark land”, because of the crowd behind them, even resisted. Before it was too late, he was directly teleported into the melting pot universe.