Good and evil are meaningless to “He”.
Tang Qi, who was already close to the answer, suddenly sensed something and looked straight ahead.
Not far from the space capsule, a new space crack appeared in the emptiness, as if there was a brilliant surge of infinite possibilities, and a mass of things like “mercury” flowed out.
It immediately manifests the human form, and it chooses women.
With a breath, a seductive woman with wheat-colored skin appeared before the space capsule. Her body lines were perfect, even the best sculptor would not dare to increase or decrease.
She has a wild and natural face that exudes a strange charm. Her long silver-gray hair is draped to her ankles, and her gray wings are slowly stretched out.
And the most alluring is the layer of tulle on her body.
She waved, and the capsule was gone.
Instead, it was a crystal palace that had no walls or dome, floating in the starry sky. It was a magnificent crystal palace that shouldn’t exist in this world.
The paralyzed Hal Lodge was lying on the snow-white bed, and the lady slowly flew in front of him, and the two were close to each other only a few centimeters apart.
The lady opened her mouth, which was very different from humans, but her charm level crushed humans millions of times, as if the surface was slightly rough, but the palms with extremely soft inside were touching Hal Rocky’s mind, instantly regaining his peace.
“Hello, interesting subject, I am the messenger.”
Tang Qi was looking for the answer, because the name that the lady uttered was directly exposed.
Related memories emerged, Tang Qi finally knew where the subtle familiarity came from, and also knew the owner of those scary eyes.

Infant Creator!” In Tang Qi’s heart, the honorable name of that great existence rose.
Before he fought with Origin Black Mud, after catching each other with a trap, he borrowed the power of all things to learn from the mouths of the Black Mud some real sec