“It’s you!”
Lin Qing, the 100th place on the top 100 list, has been in school for five years, the peak of cultivation, and the seven-tiered warrior.
Yes, the last place is so strong!
The first 100 are almost all the peaks of nourishment.
A few of them were not. They were 西安耍耍网 also in the Ten Thousand Stone Realm, which was terrifying.
This top 100 list can actually be converted into the Ten Thousand Stone List of the War Academy. If it is less than Ten Thousand Stone or does not have the Ten Thousand Stone Realm combat power, there is no way to be on the list.
“Ten Thousand Stones Combat Power” 西安桑拿按摩网
Su Yu took a deep breath. Of course he didn’t have it now.
Even if the blood exploded with the explosive power of Qianjun Seventh Layer, with the divine writing, he was able to fight with Qianjun Nine Layers to death, but once he encountered Wanshi, Su Yu had seen Wanshi erupt last time.
A group of great and powerful besieged and killed the opponent, and the result was heavy losses. A little carelessness may be overturned by the opponent.
Su Yu interfered with the other party for a moment, and his head almost exploded.
At that time, the opponent was still a simple warrior. You must know that the students of the civilized academy have very strong willpower. The 100th Lin Qing is the pinnacle of nourishment, and Su Yu’s divine cultural interference may fail or even be backlashed.
In this way, he had no hope of fighting each 西安品茶网 other.
“I’m still a little short of a hundred people. When I have a strong physical body, a strong willpower, and two divine writings are stronger, I can hope to challenge!”
Su Yu took a deep breath, clenched his fist, and cheered himself up.
It’s too difficult for people who lack money!
As for what happened to Lin Qing as a woman, he didn’t bother to care about it, and the girl didn’t give himself merit.
The teacher is right, women are all obstacles on the road of cultivation.
Look, it’s Lin Qing who is stopping him now.
at the same time.