Wolftu didn’t care much about everyone’s flattery. He glanced at the major camps and then at the ancient cities, and sighed: “It’s just that there are some bloodlines. Compared to these big clans, these geniuses, what are we waiting for! What Yi Fei said. Yes, don’t struggle, don’t be strong, and you will die sooner or later! Like the countless small clans, they eventually disappeared in the ten thousand realms, and the realms were destroyed. After hundreds of thousands of 西安桑拿按摩网 tides, other races were born again, some of today’s rations, maybe next A big change is to dominate the race!”
Seeing that he knew a lot, Su Yu deliberately said: “That’s not enough.”
Wolftu shook his head, “You don’t understand! Just say that the fire dolphins are weak, but also Dominate the world, dominate the pyrotechnic world! But I have seen records that in the last tide, the pyrotechnic world was not called the pyrotechnic world, but the six-armed great ape world. Later, the six-armed great ape family disappeared in In time, the fire dolphins were born, and this family, before the last tidal chaos, was the food of the six-armed great apes!” The
fire dolphins are weak and weak, but, anyway, they now dominate the world!
The top existence in the clan also has the strength of the sun and the moon.
Of course, very rarely.
This 西安耍耍网 kind of ethnic group used to be food, but now it has become a member of the ten thousand races in a grand manner. The ten thousand races are not to say that a life is a family, at least, they have to have some strength.
Su Yu suddenly said: “It turns out that the fire dolphins weren’t called this before. This clan was only on the Ten Thousand Clan list later. Brother Langtu knows a lot!”
Langtu shook his head and didn’t want to say anything.
The Dark Night Demon Wolf clan that it belongs to is of average strength, not the top 100. Once a great war breaks out, the heavens and worlds will be swept in. Maybe the next tidal chaos will not se