at Jiang Hao.
Swipe it!
The sword moved and quickly chopped and carved on the jade. 西安夜网论坛
After carving for more than half an hour, Jiang Hao finally received his sword and swung his sleeves at the jade. Suddenly the jade scraps flew, and the Suzaku with its wings spread out in front of everyone.
This Suzaku has its head high, waving its wings, and three long tails and six short tails behind him, making it look like a phoenix dancing for nine days.
Originally there was red on the jade, which was carved into flame patterns by Jiang Hao, and the whole phoenix seemed to be flying on flames.
Everyone around who saw this scene was amazed.
“Wow, so handsome Phoenix”
“It’s Suzaku.”
“The god bird soars in the flames, full of charm, but this sculpture is already invaluable.”
Jiang Hao brandished a Chunjun sword and stepped on a fight, muttering in his mouth. Spell.
“The marrow of heaven and earth, the essence of yin and yang. Qianxuankun turns around, turns off the true star. The chaos is mighty, the beginning of the sky is divided. Suzaku flaps its wings, refines Nanming. Open heaven and earth, capture ghosts and drive spirits. There are all kinds of things, and nourish the spirits. After 西安夜生活论坛
chanting the long spell, Chun Jun pointed at the statue and Jiang Hao shouted.
“Suzaku returns to its place, suppress auspicious!”
everyone present felt a high-pitched cry in their ears, as if from a distant sky, and everyone who heard it was shocked.
Everyone has a feeling, this is Fengming.
“Phoenix Yufei, He Mingqiang!”
Only a divine bird can make such a high-pitched and long-distance cry.
Worth it.
When they had this chance, they felt it was worth it when they heard a phoenix sound.
Looking at Jiang Hao who was standing in the field with a blue robe, people only had respect.
“Tao Wan’er, come here.” Jiang Hao said softly.
Wan’er walked to Jiang Hao step by step with the eight-character birthday written on yellow paper in her hand.
“Wan’er, give