Su Yu laughed and said, “It’s nothing more. Seniors are not in Ten Thousand Realms, leaving the world behind. That is the unowned. I seized one or two. What’s wrong?”
This robber!
Not far away, Wang Wen suddenly said: “Are you really going to attack Luohungu at this moment?”
“Of course!”
Wang Wen looked at Wang Wu, Wang Wu looked upset, and shook his head.
He knew what Wang Wen wanted to say, but he still said: “I’m leaving, you are very dangerous, you are not strong now!”
Wang Wen laughed.
Quickly said: “You are here, you may break through at any time, the movement is too loud, I wanted to help 西安桑拿夜网 you break through here, but unfortunately the plan was disrupted!” He
sighed, a little helpless.
Over the years, the plan is very beautiful, but it has been repeatedly frustrated. Wang Wen sighed and smiled bitterly: “I don’t know who it is, secretly conspiring to steal my luck! It even suppressed the luck of the ten thousand
worlds ” Su Yu was startled and looked towards he.
Wen Wang nodded: “Don’t look, someone suppressed the luck of me and Big Brother Xingyu, which led to our repeated frustrations! The luck is not good, and I don’t know which bastard did a good thing.”
Su Yu frowned, “Jian Tianhou I have entered my world, but it’s a recent event. It has nothing to do with me before!”
Wang Wen shook his head: “It has nothing to do with Jiantianhou! He only represents the imperial luck, not the other, and the luck is divided 西安夜桑拿网 into individuals and collectives. What he represents is Dynasty’s luck, I mean we are individuals.”
Speaking of this, he sighed: “It may be a good thing that our ancestor did. As the ancestor, we have the source of our blood, whether it’s writing or star, it can be traced back. ! ”
Su Yu wondering:”? I do I seem to have considered the descendants of the text. ”
King Wen looked at him, smiled and said:”! very weak, retroactive up, has nothing to do with you, ”
he finished, then said:”