ill and sea to deal with the three first class.

The emperor doesn’t care about those, at this time, the power of the avenue is drawn.
If you open the heavenly gate, you can see that a golden avenue gradually emerges from the void, extremely powerful, and even vaguely 西安夜桑拿网 inferior to the human body.
That is his way, the emperor’s way!
The so-called human emperor’s way, what exactly is it, may be responsibility, protection, or enlightenment.
The responsibility of the emperor lies in these.
Take on the responsibility of the human race, protect the people, educate the people, open up the people’s wisdom, strengthen the family, and strong people.
This way, golden light flickers.
If you open the gate of heaven, you will definitely feel dazzling.
At this time, the human emperor connected to the human emperor avenue, and his aura was extremely turbulent, and the sea of ??will was more and more broken. Before he merged into the world, he had to break the avenue and merge into the world!
Otherwise, taking the avenue directly into it, it would break his sea of ??will.
The emperor raised his head, looking at 西安夜生活论坛 the power of the avenue, his eyes were complicated.
He opened the sky at the peak moment, but at that time, the opened sky was not as powerful as the avenue, so he did not choose to merge into the sky at that time, otherwise the movement would be too loud and it would be disadvantageous to open the sky.
Today, he has to fuse Dao!
The emperor’s breath is getting stronger and stronger!
The sea of ??will is violently turbulent, and the entire world seems to have heard the sound of the waves at this moment. It is the sound of the sea of ??will, that is the sound of the powerful willpower sweeping the world.
The emperor walked towards his own world step by step, and in the distance, that little world was also shaking, as if welcoming the return of his master.
At this moment, Human Sovereign couldn’t make up his mind, because he knew that the moment