d most of them were voluntary. “The female nurse speaks very well, she is relatively shy, and she dared not look into Chen Ge’s eyes when she talked to Chen Ge.

“Very good, in fact I admire you very much.” Jiujiang Children’s Welfare Institute is like a big family, completely different from those seen by Chen Ge in TV dramas.
The female nurse smiled very brightly. She was about to speak, and the window on the other side of the yard opened. A middle-aged man held a teacup and said to the female nurse: “Xiao Liu, run around again? Don’t hurry back! You will die for me in the future. Staring at Jiang Ling and Fan Yu! They are getting too much!”
The man’s voice was a little angry. Xiao Liu was not afraid when he heard it. He was a little embarrassed: “En, I see.” The
female nurse led Chen Ge into the small building. The walls were decorated with cute decorations and the corridors were cleaned very clean. .
“Who was that person just now? Dean?” Chen Ge asked casually.
“He is Doctor Chen with a bad temper, but he is very good. He used to work in a big 西安夜桑拿论坛 hospital and became our doctor after resigning.”
“Dr. Chen? There are doctors in the orphanage?”
“Yes, we have. Doctors, nurses, nurses, and cultural teachers have different divisions of labor, but they are all the “mothers and fathers” of this group of children.”
Chen Ge nodded. Compared with the orphanage founded by the old principal of Muyang Middle School, it looks much more formal.
When they were walking in the promenade, a door beside it suddenly opened, and the two children ran out with a toy, chasing them.
“Jiang Jin, Jiang He! Don’t mess around in the corridor, it’s already past eight o’clock, go back soon!” The female nurse said a few words, and the two children returned to the house a little reluctantly.
When the door was closed, Chen Ge looked inside. There were two rooms and one living room. There were about six 西安桑拿按摩网 children living in one room.
“Your living environment here is pretty good. The children still have toys