“Calm down and don’t be afraid!” After staying in the blood mist for a long time, you will be affected by the blood mist. The drunkard himself did not realize this. The corners of his eyes were red and bloodshot, and it looked like he was boiled. It was the same for a long time at night, which was completely different from when he first got in the car.
Because it was the first time, the heartbeat of the drunkard was very fast. Holding the bone cutter in both hands, in a very awkward posture, he walked towards the road next to him.
The silhouette of the figure was still waving at him, and the closer you got, the clearer the drunkard could see.
“Very familiar, where should I have seen him, is he also a passenger in the car?” The
drunkard walked to the middle of the road, 西安桑拿按摩网 and he shouted at the man: “Hey! What’s your name?”
There was no response, the man The wave of his hand became smaller, but he suddenly walked towards him.
In the blood-red city and an empty road, the two were getting closer and closer.
As the other party kept getting closer, the familiar feeling reappeared in the drunkard’s heart.
“It’s so alike, I must have seen him somewhere.” The
blood was thick, and the drunk held the knife tightly. He moved his steps and finally walked through the fog to the person.
The other party was covered with blood, his lower abdomen was soaked, and there was a thin black line where his legs and upper body were connected, as if the body had been separated and it was being reassembled at this time.
Seeing that person’s dress, the drunk man had already retreated. He felt very scared, but the other 西安夜桑拿论坛 party also brought him an inexplicable sense of familiarity. He must have seen this person somewhere.
“who are you?”
His mind was almost blank, and the drunkard didn’t know why the mirror asked these three words. His hand holding the knife was trembling.
“This road is divided into two sides, one for the living and the other for the dea