. “I would think that this child is not only useless, but also very scary,” Yang Chen carefully read the note: “? Have you found a diary of all the boys in the final months of his father to apologize,”
“It’s not just that he Worry? Bow your head to the murderer.”
“The boy apologizes to all kinds of people every day, but from a certain moment on, only his apology to his father is left in his notes.” Li Xue also saw that something 西安足浴spa was wrong: ” Why does he keep apologizing to his father?”
“Look at the time.” Yang Chen flipped through the notes from back to front. After taking notes, he stopped in front of the closet and looked at the corpse props in the plastic wrap. No one spoke. The shock and horror in his 西安耍耍网 heart were intertwined, even breathing. Becomes difficult.
“This should be the answer. From the time the boy started picking up trash in the dormitory, he was probably planning.”
Since the day of the accident, the boy’s notes have been apologizing every day, and it lasted for dozens of pages before stopping.
It is hard to imagine how he lived with a corpse in this foul-smelling room for so long.
“It lasted for so long without being noticed. This is the saddest thing in my opinion. Even if the culprit is hidden in the cabinet, the boy’s life has not changed. No one cares about him, and no one cares about him. He.”
Yang Chen closed the cabinet door and put the lock on: “I can design such a scene, I am convinced by Boss Chen, his haunted house is not just scary.”
“It’s really amazing.” Li Xue clenched tightly. Slowly let go 西安夜桑拿网 of his hand, and he couldn’t calm down for a long time.
“Don’t sigh, you two, it should have been more than twenty minutes, let’s get out.” Wang Yan felt a little flustered when he thought of the props wrapped in plastic wrap in the cabinet: “The dead props in this haunted house are more than It’s really scary.”
“Let’s go.” Yang Chen turned around for the first time. When he walked to the door of the d