Today is the 6,000-word chapter of this chapter. It’s a little bit to write this chapter. It takes a lot of energy and energy, and many things I want to say are in the story.
970. On the
wilderness of condolence , Luo Lan and Zhou Qi are nesting in a leeward place. The two are here to wait for Qing’s fighters lurking in the Central Plains to send transportation. You can’t let them walk directly to Los Angeles. , When does 西安品茶网 that have to go?
At this moment, they had already passed Wang’s northern defense line through the mountains, so the threat from Wang’s was not too great.
The only thing that needs to be worried is that if their intelligence personnel turn aside and bring Wang to arrest them together, it will be more troublesome.
Zhou Qi whispered: “You and Qingzhen also know that Wang’s artificial intelligence controls the satellite. What if it discovers our whereabouts?”
” What if we find out ? At this time, Wang is chasing and killing. What about the Expeditionary Legion, how can we take care of us?” Luo Lanhun said indifferently: “If someone really wants to catch us, let’s run into the mountains. Can the two extraordinary people not be able to run through them?”
Zhou Qi contemptuously said: ” How long have you been awakening? Your physical fitness and 西安夜桑拿网 weight may not be able to run.”
“I have been awakening for almost half a year, why are you still looking down on you,” Luo Lan said unwillingly.
As a result, at this moment, there was the roar of the off-road vehicle engine in the distance. Luo Lan cautiously probed out to observe, and he was relieved when he found that only one person was coming.
I saw Luo Lan jumped out from her hiding place: “Here, here!”
A young man came. He got out of the car immediately after seeing Luo Lan and stuffed the car key into Luo Lan’s hand: ” Boss Luo, Chief Qingzhen can’t contact you. Now he’s very anxious, thinking that something happened to you!”
Luo Lan was taken a