Gawain smiled and looked at Victoria Wilde, who was standing beside her with indifferent expression: “Compared with educating future generations, I have some questions to ask this Wilde 西安夜桑拿论坛 girl.”
Chapter 37 Long’s news
. Victoria nodded slightly when he heard Gawain’s words, while Grand Duke Baldwin raised his eyebrows: “Do I need to avoid it?”
“It doesn’t matter,” Gawain took it from the waiter’s tray passing by. A glass of red wine turned back to look at Victoria, “It’s about dragons.”
“That’s really just a rumor,” Victoria said lightly, as cold as the wind in the north. If you don’t know her, I’m afraid you might even think of her. It is difficult to approach. “I have sent someone to investigate. That day, no one saw the so-called giant dragon except a drunkard.”
“I didn’t mean that time, but the hundreds of years in the north,” Gao Wen looked into the eyes of the Duchess, “How many rumors about giant dragons have been in the Northland since my death?”
Victoria’s eyebrows were raised slightly, while Grand Duke Baldwin next to her gave her a curious look. : “The so-called’dragon infestation’ story seems to be a’special product’ of your north?”
“It is true that there are occasional stories about dragons in the north, and there are even small groups that worship dragons. But those are 西安耍耍论坛 basically the superstition of the people of the mountains.” Victoria shook her head. “The north is mountainous. There are often wind and snow in the mountains. The mountain people regard those wind and snow as the roar of the dragon, and the north is bordered by the Principality of the Holy Dragon. People in that country call themselves the descendants of the dragon and regard the dragon as an official public belief. Affected by them a lot, it is inevitable that some strange stories will circulate. But in fact, the Wilde family has lived in the north for 700 years and has not really seen a dragon appear in the sky. Those stories are nothing but fictio