Next Mon.
High Court of Hong Kong Island.
A ghost judge wearing fake hair, dressed in a judge’s robe, gently knocked on the wooden hammer.
“The court proceedings are over!”
“All stand up!”
Wow, dozens of juries, lawyers, witnesses and others in the court stood up.
The judge took up a verdict with a serious face, stood up and preached: “I pronounced the sentence. The defendant was convicted of drug trafficking, bribery, and arrest, and sentenced to life imprisonment.” 西安夜桑拿论坛
Zhu Tao stood at the defendant’s stand, with handcuffs on his hands, and his expression was open. Shouted in panic.
“Judge! You can’t sentence me to Stanley!”
“It’s going to die!”
“It’s going to be dead!”
Judge Guilao was expressionless, after reading the judgment, turned and left.
Zhu Tao was pulled down from the defendant platform by two bailiffs, pressed onto the prison car, and sent to Stanley Prison.
As for Wen Jianren and Zhu Tao’s other subordinates, they all tried separately and were sentenced and convicted one after another.
At least twelve years, as long as more than 30 years.
Collective social death.
About to step into another world.
“Ding! Mission complete: Pig hunting!”
“The host successfully arrested drug dealer Zhu Tao and destroyed his drug trafficking organization, rewarding 500 experience points.”
“Host successfully killed/captured 17 drug dealers and rewarded 850 experience points. “When
Zhuang Shikai killed Camel and Jiang Zhen, he just made up enough experience to upgrade.
The system level is upgraded to LV23.
An attribute point is added to the action force.
Zero experience 西安足浴spa is left in the experience bar.
The 1,350 experience points gained this time are not too small, and they are all injected into the experience bar, waiting for the next upgrade.
“It seems that the court trial is over.”
Sitting in the office, Zhuang Shikai browsed a document, heard a string of messages coming from his head, and smiled knowingly at the cor