Fortunately, this middle-aged woman still performed her singing very well, but her singing level is still far behind that of a professional singer.
After her 西安夜网论坛 performance was over, there was sparse applause from the audience, and the final number of votes was only more than one hundred.
Is this kind of performance really okay?
At this time, Qiao Xiu received a message from Carolly . Qiao Xiu admitted that the game did not go through prior rehearsals, and he was very reckless to enter the live broadcast.
although a little cruel, they are just foreshadowing. Fortunate people will always be a minority in this world.
Qiao Xiu gave Carolie this short message with a text message.
The second player finally appeared slowly. The moment she appeared, she won one hundred and twenty-seven votes, all of which were due to her appearance and figure.
“Can you make a small introduction to everyone?” Qiao Xiu tried his best to hold back the smile on his face and looked at the girl in a white dress with a frosty face.
“Messiah.” After
she uttered two words very simply, there was nothing to follow. If it weren’t for the order of the saint, she would definitely not show up in the public in this
manner. Messiah wanted to draw out the knight’s sword and chop the chaos demon.
It’s a pity that she 西安耍耍网 is wearing a white dress today, which looks like that kind of aristocratic lady’s dress. Of course, this kind of dress is unnecessary.
“It seems that Miss Messiah is very shy.” When Qiao Xiu ridiculed Miss Cavalier, her number of votes had risen to 572 votes.
In the chanter section of the caster forum world, there have been several posts about Miss Messiah’s dressing up today.
From the name of the poster, Qiao Xiu found that they were all regular visitors from the Hearthstone Tavern. The dwarves and spellcasters in the Hearthstone Tavern must also be discussing the dress of the lady Messiah.
“Can it begin?” Messiah tried his best to make her tone sound calmer and friendly. Qi