l turned around in horror, looking for who dared to ask such a lifeless question.
But they did not find Queen Yekhana, but they did, that is, Joshua Norrod, who was standing in the last row of the dinner.
Qiao Xiu knew the answer to the question he asked, and the reason for asking this question was purely to give her a step to continue the topic.
“Because the Kingdom of Frost also participated in this game.” Empress Yekana said here, with a stern murderous intent in her voice.
“The Silver Frost Fox family in the Kingdom of Frost also formed their own team to represent their country in this game. You want to make Nolan in this game so that the whole world knows that our country lost to that. A group of guys?”
“Silver Frost Fox, this is absolutely impossible, your Highness ?”
Many of the nobles sitting there are 西安品茶网 hatred of this family. Back then, the friction between the Silver Frost Fox family and the Iron Kingdom rose to a war level.
“Who is cast iron and steel for the honor of the country fighting the soldiers, and this is bet on the battlefield honor the country’s iron and steel”
after the queen leaves Kana say these words, that her 西安桑拿按摩网 side will own five cast iron The lower back straightened, and the eyes of the two casters began to flush.
“Playing a game can bet on the glory of the country, you still think it’s absurd, right”
Qiao Xiu took the juice to the elderly nobleman and said.
“I really can’t imagine the absurdity.” Count Cruz had long expected that Qiao Xiu would take the initiative to talk to him.
“There are currently more than 400,000 holy spirit players on the Monet. These players come from all over the world. You should check the game section on the caster forum.” Qiao Xiu shook the juice in his hand, and the ice cubes inside came out. The sound of the collision awakened the Count Cruz who was thinking.
“You should really look at a group of players from other countries, shouting the name of the iron caster and saying cheer on the field. Now there are 西安桑拿夜网 signs on the ca